"It's new, it's fresh, and innovative. Luke needs to be out there NOW showing all these modern day artists how to do it."

-Lamont Dozier, Grammy award-winner, composer of 52 #1 hit


Blending his varied influences and his own acoustic pop/rock style, Luke Walton’s original music has a way of charming even the most trained ear. His soulful guitar licks and insightful lyrics bring his songs alive in ways that appeal to people of all ages.

“Luke Walton Rocks the Show in Encinitas! - Ron Bell and I had the opportunity to meet and hear one of San Diego’s upcoming singer/songwriters, Luke Walton, at our show in Encinitas. What a treat and thrill for Ron and myself and the entire audience! Google this kid and listen to his music. You will hear a young man who has all of the ingredients to go far in the entertainment business.”

-Gary Seiler, performed with Jimmy Buffett and Willie Nelson

Luke’s passion for music goes beyond his musical talents and into the business world. Luke has successfully attracted a significant and loyal fan base through YouTube, as well as other promotional venues garnering over 500,000 views on YouTube and over 278,000 plays on MySpace.

Walton’s debut EP, “Just a Friend,” was released August 2007, the follow-up EP, “Heart in Hand,” released in January 2009. September 1st, 2010, Luke is releasing his full electric debut, “Goodbye/Hello,” which features 11 of his original songs. In total, he has sold well over 3,500 CDs.

To enhance his musical understanding, Luke obtained a coveted spot in USC's new Popular Music Performance major. This selective major, which only accepted 14 freshmen, allows Walton to collaborate with award winning faculty on songwriting, production, and guitar.

“Keep Your Eye On Luke Walton - Discovering an artist like Luke Walton, whose picture you might find in the dictionary next to the definition of potential, never ceases to satisfy.”

-Mike McClenathan, Amie Street, independent music reviewer

This explosive combination of rigorous practice and real world experience has produced a young man who has the talent, the passion and the drive to become a music industry success.